The Arabian Horse in New Zealand

Very few records exist to establish when Arabian horses first arrived in NZ however 1840 is generally considered to be the date of the first arrival, a grey mare named Medora. She was followed by three stallions, Hadji Baba (1875 to Canterbury), Crusader (1888 to Gisborne) and Arab Child (1878 to Hawkes Bay).

Mares from the noted Jelbart Stud of Australia heralded the first of the modern imports and from those early days, New Zealanders have imported stock from many countries of the world.

The NZAHBS was established in 1970 with horses prior to this date being either registered in Australia or the United Kingdom. The Society published its first stud book during that year.

More than a myth - a Versatile Companion

Arabian horses in New Zealand are often raised alongside other agricultural pursuits and are found in a number of disciplines including pony clubs, endurance, hunting, dressage and harness along with halter events.

As well as a central governing body located in Auckland, NZ also has regional clubs and associations that stage saddle and halter shows, fun days and endurance events.

Preserving the Purity of the Breed

The NZAHBS is closely aligned with the Arabian horse organisations throughout the world by membership of the World Arabian Horse Organisation (WAHO). Stringent requirements are met prior to acceptance to membership of WAHO and the same parameters are used by member countries when registering Arabian bloodstock.

Full details of membership, registration, importing, exporting, leasing and transfer for purebred and partbred stock, together with stud books and promotional items are available from the Society.

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