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Help! I cant see the magazine.

Ok. Don't panic. It may well be that your PC requires a few updates. Some solutions are listed below.

1. Update your browser Flash plug-in.
All browsers have various methods of viewing web pages. Most browsers use a Flash plug-in. As new versions of Macromedia Flash are released so the plug-ins may need updating.

To update your Flash plug-in visit the Macromedia Flash web site at

Once downloaded, you may need to re-start your PC to complete the update.

2. Adjust your Pop-up blocker and/or Firewall.
Some Pop-up blockers or Firewalls may prevent the magazine from displaying properly. The Pop-up blocker/firewall will need to be adjusted to include as an approved site. Please refer to your browser's help file for further details.

3.' The AOL problem'

The AOL browser uses a strict security system to block what AOL deem to be 'bad' or 'unsuitable' web sites. Whilst this can be a useful feature, it is (in practice) too general and is known to disable sites that every other browser would find perfectly acceptable.AOL also doesn't fully support Javascript ( a simple coding system that creates greater user interaction) in all its versions. This can also cause problems for web sites.

If you use AOL to access the Web and are experiencing problems, try following these simple steps:

1) Log in using the your usual connection (Dial-Up/Broadband) via AOL or other ISP.
2) Close the AOL issue browser, but DO NOT disconnect.
3) Open the Internet Explorer browser (it is free with Windows operating systems). It can be found in the Start menu. It has a blue 'e' as its icon.
4) Click on the link for the current magazine issue.
5) Discontinue further use of the AOL proprietary browser. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Opera produce more compatible browsers and are free in most cases.

The magazine seems to take a long time to load.

The load time of the magazine depends on your Internet connection speed and how many other users are trying to see the magazine at the same time. Once downloaded onto your PC, you do not need to remain connected to the Internet in order to view the magazine. However, if you close your browser window then you will have to reconnect and reload the magazine.

The magazine doesn't quite fit on my screen properly.

The magazine has been designed for a 15" monitor and and an average, maximized browser window. If your browser is configured differently and you cant quite see all the magazine then press F11 on your keyboard. This will allow the browser to expand to 100% of your screen and display all the magazine. To return to a normal screen, just press F11 again.

Can I get the magazine on a CD?

We will be making each issue of the magazine available on CD which can be purchased for a small fee.

I would like to see a back issue.

We will be creating and maintaining an archive of back issues which will be available online or on CD.

Can I print a page?

Yes. By using the Print command in your browser menu and selecting Landscape layout, you will be able to print the page spread currently being viewed in the browser window. Please bear in mind that that the page will print smaller than an A4 sheet.

Will I have to subscribe?

No. The magazine is free to view.


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