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This Arabian stallion is not just a pretty face. Raised in Tulsa USA Sir El Suad is an ambassador for his breed, his devotion to his previous owner Mindy Huett and now to Antonia is clear to see!!

Browsing on the Internet I found a site selling Arabian Costumes which had a banner at the top of the page selling a Black Arab Stallion. Having lost my previous Black Stallion (Alderbaran) to colic some years ago I could not believe that this horse was still for sale or that I could afford him. Importing a horse from USA seemed out of my league. Many e-mails later Mindy and I became firm friends, she had raised him from a yearling and had taken him across America raising money for charity, visiting hospitals and old people’s homes as well as appearing in costume parades and competitions.

She did not want him to go to a commercial stud but ill health had meant that he had not been ridden for several years. Convinced that I was just going to fail, I started enquires about how I could import him. Two months later with every hurdle knocked out of the way I knew that I would have to go and see him. Being a bit of a recluse the thought of flying at 30,000ft for 10 hours and 300 other people terrified me, none the less my very supportive husband convinced me to go. So Antonia, who's been working and living with us for years and is more like a Granddaughter, and I set off to America leaving Tony (my Husband) and Jack who lives and works with us and has now become one of the family to look after the farm. Sperry Okalahoma here we come!

When we arrived it was like going back in time, Mindy and her sister Carol with Baby cakes and her husband were amazing, completely bonkers. They looked after Antonia and I at Almost Ranch for the three days we were there. Almost Ranch is very aptly named, as 12 acres in America is “almost a ranch”, but not quite whole one. Sir El Suad, stable name Popeye, was turned out with a very elderly mare Beach Ball. When we first met he put his head in my chest and did not move, to see him with Antonia brought a tear to my eye; if ever a horse and a girl where meant to be together. Popeye had been out of work for so long we thought he would be difficult; but no all we had been told about him was true. Sitting on the patio by the creek watching the squirrels, raccoons and hummingbirds, the deal was done.

We came home a little shell-shocked after an amazing 5 days and a round trip of 10,000miles, now all we had to do was to wait for Nedpoint quarantine, KLM airlines and ETA transport to bring him to his new home in Derby UK. Flying from Houston to Amsterdam, an overnight stay, and road transport to Dover for a second overnight stay he was transported to my door with ten other horses, he came off the lorry as cool as you like. He was home.

  Ibn Zaghloul
Suad El Sahib  
      Bint Shar Gemla
Tahara Sahib
Preacher Man
Tahara Sawad  
Sir El Suad
Ibn Zaghloul
Suad El Sahib  
      Bint Shar Gemla
Suad Sireesa


A true Ambassador for the Arabian Breed, Popeye has been raising money for charity arriving in full costume at several events for photographs to collect money. Red Nose day at Sainsburys was a great success, we have been asked to go back again to collect money for a children's charity. He has attended birthday celebrations and is booked to appear at weddings. With all this going on he still manages to gallop most days on our friends 150 acre track around her farm, I am sure this summer Antonia would camp out in a tent and sleep with him as the Bedouins do in the dessert.

Sir El Suad will be covering several of our mares this year and will be available for A.I. Thanks to Twemlows A.I. centre and for natural covering .

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