Press release – South West Endurance Rider picked for British squad


South West Endurance Rider picked for British squad – Press release

Jill Semmens from Penzance, who is in the Senior Development Squad of Endurance GB, has been selected to ride at the Mont le Soie ride in Belgium at the beginning of May. She is among five riders picked to take part in the 82 mile FEI 2* event.

She will be riding her 9- year- old 15.1 hh Anglo Arab gelding Evermore Exciting, known at home as ‘Harvey’. Jill has had her horse since he was three and has gradually qualified him up from the basic 32 km endurance ride to compete at the longer rides under FEI rules.

“Hopefully, we will try to achieve a 160 kms ride this year but Harvey is still quite young for that sort of distance,” explained Jill. “He was not born until the end of August and missed the spring grass as a foal so I always think of him as a year younger than his official age.”

To be selected for Belgium, Jill and Harvey went to the King’s Forest Endurance ride in Norfolk at the end of March and successfully completed an 80 kms ER.

The South West Endurance Group already has three members qualified for the European Championships and for the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky next year, as well as Jill and Karen Jones from Devon in the Development Squad.

At the Haywood Oaks Endurance Ride a week ago, which was the first FEI event in the UK this year, the South West riders were particularly successful.

In the 120 kms FEI 2* event Annie Joppie from Goonhaven and her Arab gelding Dilmun, came sixth and Karen Jones with Dancing Ruzala came 7th. In the FEI 1* 90 kms class Rachael Claridge and Prince Meliodas came third. This was their return to international competition a year after Meliodas was badly injured in an accident on the road.

In the same class Nicky Sherry came 10th on her young horse Silva Zourra who was competing in his first ever FEI event. The following day, she completed the 50 mile CR on Simmering Blue Jasmine, finishing with a Grade 1.

Nicky Sherry from St Breward and Rachael from Cardinham, have also been invited, with other British team members to South Africa in June, to take part in an FEI 2* ride on borrowed horses.


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