Press release – Camelford Training Ride

Camelford Training Ride – Press release

Sarah Arthur and Ashahn going through the Trecarne ford, on the way up to the moor.

Photo credit: www.mbaphotos.co.uk

No two Training Rides by the South West group of Endurance GB are ever the same. After the woods and grassland of Ladock, at the Camelford Ride on 26th April, the horses and riders found themselves out on the high part of Bodmin Moor .

The route was planned by Ride Organiser, Jan Kane, and marked by the members of the Cornish branch of the Trail Riders Fellowship, who use both quads and trail bikes to get around with the flags and markers that the riders follow.

“We’re very grateful to the local landowner and the commoners for allowing us to run this ride over the moor,” said Jan. “And particularly, to the local farmer who lets us use one of his fields as a venue.”

The heavy overnight rain had left the tracks very wet and muddy in places but fortunately the rain held off for the morning and with no wind to speak of, the ride was very enjoyable. The thirty-five horses that took part did come back looking a great deal muddier than they started but all declared the ride to be “one of the nicest we have done”.

One of those taking part was 15-year-old Sarah Arthur from St Neot, on her 11-year-old grey Arab gelding, Ashahn.

Sarah, who is a member of the East Cornwall Pony Club, has owned Ashahn for two years and he is proving very versatile.

“He is just my pony,” she explained. “We do lots of pony club and riding club activities, including show jumping, which he loves.

“We started endurance last year as novices doing the 32 kms (20 mile) rides but have now qualified at open level. This year, I am hoping we will make it up to advanced level so that we can start doing ERs. For that we have to complete two rides of at least 65 km (40 miles), one of which must be 80 kms (50 miles).”

At the St Meubred’s Competitive Ride, Sarah and Ashahn successfully competed in the 66 kms class, achieving a Grade 3.

“He gets rather nervous at the final vetting,” explained Sarah, “so his pulse rate goes up which gives us a lower grade.

“He loves endurance rides and never seems to tire. In fact, he tends to pull a lot if he is not allowed to keep going at his own speed.”

The next competitive ride organised by Endurance South West is the West Moor Ride on Sunday 19th July, at which Sarah is hoping to compete in the 80 kms (50 mile) class. There will be something for all levels of horse and rider, with classes ranging from a non competitive Pleasure Ride up to a 80 kms ER for those at advanced level.

Non members are always welcome at Endurance South West rides, both training and competitive rides. For information on the latest programme and entry forms to download, go to www.endurancegbsouthwest.com

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