By Martina Hable

Photo: foto4u
(BR Black Flag x Marina III by Ferment), stallion
European Res. Champion Reining 04
breeder: Petra Dries, Fronleitenhof, Austria / owner: Shams El Arab, Austria

From September 17th to 19th the 3rd European Championships for Sport Arabians took place in Stadl-Paura, Austria. Horses and riders from 10 different nations were competing for the coveted titles. Even one pair from Spain came all the way to Austria to show their skills (and everything was worth the effort, because they went back home with one championship title – but more about that later).

Due to the versatility of the arabian horse championship-titles were offered in the western disciplines reining, pleasure, trail & allround-western, as well as in the classic disciplines dressage, show jumping, eventing and allround-classic. Furthermore an allround-title for driving was given.

First to the western classes:

The reining was with 12 entries the biggest and toughest class amongst the western disciplines. And it was, as expected, dominated clearly by Baikal, a 7yr old stallion by Balaton and out of Kashmir by Mirok Monpelou. This eye-catching chestnut already gained numerous victories and top placings in tough reining shows under his rider and owner Markus Dünser (AUT). The pair won the gold medal with a score of 142,5 – showing a very spectacular performance with breathtaking sliding stops.
European Reserve Champion became Christian Mantler (AUT) with the 5yr old black stallion Mahdan by BR Black Flag out of Marina III (score 138). Christian Mantler was already named European Champion Reining in 2002, riding the mare Manavka then.
The bronze medal was achieved by Andre Reitermayr (AUT) with DA Caruso. The grey stallion by Koronec out of the Mre Riva scored a 137,5.
The other ones that made it into the ribbons were: on the 4th place Dr Martin Pauli (GER) with his stallion Zid Ibn El Zahim by El Zahim, on the 5th place Martina Hable (AUT) with the 4yr old mare Moldavia by TR Viktor and out of Pjatakova – the by far youngest horse in this class who was already named Austrian National Champion Reining 2004. Last but not least, on the 6th place Manuela Kirsteuer (AUT) with the stallion Effendi by Baran and out of Ebeya.

Photo: foto4u
(Balaton x Kashmir by Mirok Monpelou), stallion
breeder: Stark Arabians, Austria / owner: Markus Dünser, Austria
One of todays most successful arabian reining horses ! He combines extreme athelticism with extraordinary arabian beauty !
European Champion Reining 04 / Europeean Res. Champion Reining 03 / Multiple Austrian National Champion Reining / NRHA money-earner

Photo: foto4u
(TR Viktor x Pjatakova by Balaton), mare
breeder: Hans Trummer, Breitenau Arabians, Austria / owner: Christine Steindler, Austria
One of the hottest upcoming arabian reining horses, already showing tons of skills with extreme powerful sliding stops and a great mind. A beauty, out of a dynasty of halter champions !
Austrian National Champion Reining 04 / 5th place European Championships Reining 04 / Vienna Regionla Champion Western Pleasure 04

European Champion western pleasure became Zid Ibn El Zahim, shown by his owner Dr. Martin Pauli (GER). The 7yr old grey stallion, originally a reiner, convinced the judges with his very rhythmic and round gaits and so he could come out on top against 11 other competitors that all showed performances of very good quality.
The Reserve-title was won by Andre Reitermayr (AUT) riding DA Caruso. The bronze medal went to the bay stallion Effendi mounted by Manuela Kirsteuer (AUT).
The others in the ranking were: Pernilla Sjöström (SWE) showing her 14yr old gelding Audi(Fynd x Alladina) – a pair that already has been very successfully at last years European championships, Gaby Büchler (CH) with her 18yr old gelding Bafran El Sharak (El Sarai x Shakla) and Armin Gräf (GER) riding El Chasar (Assiut x Chanah II).

(Bafran El Sharai x Shakla by Shaker El Masri), gelding
breeder & owner: Gaby Büchler, Switzerland
An 18yr old gelding looking back at a long performance career with a long list of accomplishments.

In the trail the European Championship went to the best allround horse of the show, DA Caruso under his rider Andre Reitermayr (AUT). This 6yr old grey stallion by Koronec already gained multiple championships in the different western disciplines, showing that he’s a true allround-talent.
Effendi, ridden by Manuela Kirsteuer (AUT) was named European Reserve Champion with a very nice and eye-appealing performance through the whole pattern. The bronze medal went to Zid Ibn El Zahim, showed by Dr. Martin Pauli (GER). Unfortunately this class was with only 5 entries very small filled, so just one pair more made it to the ribbons (with another one getting a 0 score due to failure in the pattern) – on the 4th place was Pernilla Sjöström (SWE) riding her gelding Audi.

foto: foto4u
(Koronec x Riva by Narew), stallion
breeder & owner: Ursula Schlatter, Austria
A true allround-horse, competing sucessfully in all different western disciplines.
European Champion Trail 04 / European Res. Champion Western Pleasure 04 / Austrian National Champion Trail & Western Pleasure 04

The European Championship title in western-allround couldn’t be given this year, because it would have needed entries from at least 5 different nations, and just 4 nations wanted to compete for this title.
So there was just a normal allround scoring, which was won by Manuela Kirsteuer (AUT) and Effendi, The reserve allround went to Pernilla Sjöström (SWE) with the bay gelding Audi.

oto: Waiditschka

(Fynd x Alladina by Alrex), gelding
breeder & owner: Pernilla Sjöström, Sweden
Also a great allrounder, making a long trip from Sweden to Autria for the second time !
European Allround Res. Champion Western 03

The classic disciplines:

The dressage class had a total of 11 entries with very good performances of all competitors. The European Championship title was won by Sarid, a 15yr old bay stallion by Sawlagan out of Shahbanu. He was ridden by Cornelia Schreiber (GER) scoring 72.05 %points.
European Reserve Champion became Alexandra Bachman (SUI) and her 12yr old stallion Sharif III by Gips out of Shamila, with 71.88 %points. The bronze medal went to last years European champion Period. The 10yr old bay stallion by Drug and out of Progulka already gained numerous victories and top placings under his rider Denise Reichenwallner (GER), mostly showing his skills against warmbloods..
The other rankings were: on the 4th place Outhuyse Kelly (NED) and the 6yr old bay mare Sinai Al Ray by Pernod (70.94 %), on the 5th place Bernhard Rauch riding the 9yr old stallion Padrons Khen Saabi by Padrons Kadar (67.69 %) and on the 6th place Linda Carlsson (SWE) showing her gelding Chocco by Chock (64.02 %).

Photo: Manfred Grebler
(Drug x Progulka by Gvizd), stallion
breeder: Carmen Bresien-Leute, Germany / owner: Denise Reichenwallner, Germany
One of european's most successful dressage horses ! Competing successfully even against warmblood up to the highest levels.
European Champion Dressage 03 / Bronze medal European Championships Dressage 04 / Multiple Champion Dressage

(Drug x Progulka by Gvizd), stallion

Photo Monika Pehr
(Drug x Progulka by Gvizd), stallion

In the show jumping the pair that came all the way from Spain – Estel and his rider Albert Hermoso (ESP) – went back home with the victory and the European Championship title. The 9yr old grey stallion by Abha Xarif out of Yamama had a clear round showing a very pleasing style which made them to one of the crowd’s favourites.
Michael Slezák (CZ) place both of his horses in the medals: he was riding the 8yr old chestnut stallion Ainhoa Ninja by Titjani to the reserve-champion title and Shamir Ibn Ansata by Ansata Sinan to win the bronze medal. Both had 4 points but Ainhoa Ninja had the faster round.
The other one’s in the ribbons were: on the 4th place Mansur by Abha Xarif under Albert Hermoso (ESP), on the 5th place Vanessa Zöchling (AUT) riding Ben Ali by Madour and on the 6th place Segersten Marielle showing the 15yr old gelding Zymin DE (SWE). The class had a total entry of 13.

For eventing no title was given due to a limited number of entries.

The European Champion Allround-Classic was named Shamir Ibn Ansata by Ansata Sinan out of Harima, he was presented by Michael Slezàk (CZE). Reserve Champion became Estel by Abha Xarif out of Yamama, shown by Albert Hermoso (ESP), and the bronze medal went to Sinai Al Ray and Outhuysen Kelly (NED). On the 4th was Ainhoa Ninja / Michael Slezàk, and on the 5th Mansur / Albert Hermoso. All horses had to be shown in type & conformation (halter) and in the different classic disciplines.

To mention is as well, that a total price money of 20.000 euros was given - for each European Championship title a price money of 300 euro was awarded, for the Allround-Champion were even 500 euro given (and to the other rankings some price money was added too).

The whole event showed with a very high level of sport and lots of excellent performances that all of the old prejudices - arabian horses are “just” pretty and not useful for tough sport competitions – can be finally put to an end.
2005 the European Championships for Sport Arabians will again be held in Stadl-Paura, and we all hope for an active international participation – so, get into the saddle and be part of it !!!

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