By Lynda Free

I was to be in south Africa for only nine days and in that time My visit was to be whirlwind affair, hardly stopping to catch my breath!
My Friends Katy and Rob Verdonk decided I should see as much as possible whilst there but I could not believe just how far they would go to make that a reality! ( thank you so much Katy and Rob)

Spending my 60th birthday with them I had told Katy I would love to ride on the beach on the horse I had bred 10 years ago, her horse Musique, who was out of my mare Minuette well that dream was fulfilled also that I would love to go to the top of table mountain, that dream also fulfilled,!

Cuddle an Elephant? Yep that to! can it get any better I was thinking ? and yes it could, for in between the riding, elephent cuddling and the mountain came the Arabian horse show ! held close to capetown in the small town of Worcestor. It was quite a small show but there was plenty of quality in the in hand and ridden.

MSA Veroniqa
Supreme Champion Mare

I saw many horses that had come from american bloodlines, horses such as Veronica, by Versace x Magniffique who won the supreme championship and the reserve champion. by Besson Carol x starbright bey. The judge was a miss Lisa Blackstone from atlanta USA. who had kindly traveled for the occasion .

I was to have my heart stolen that day by a tiny foal who had been brought along with her mum, she was a surviving twin of just 7 weeks old and the tiniest arab I had ever seen! the owners had thought that both foals had died and were about to dispose of the bodies when the little filly moved and they realised they must try to save her, and against all odds she is thriving,! she is totally humanized as she was bottle fed and wrapped in blankets from that moment on, all to soon the time had come to leave and as I traveled along the garden route back to katies house , ready for my flight back to the uk, I found myself dreaming of my next trip out! so when I get a chance I WILL be back but next time I hope to just chill for at least 14 days in the lovely town of plettenburg bay over looking the Ocean. Thanks again to Katy and Rob for making my stay so very special.

Results for Western Cape Championships (Worcester 28-29 Jan-05)
Judge Lisa Blackstone from Atlanta USA

Halter Classes
1. Champion Gelding Armika Mac Five (BHF Sting *Sidi Pamela)
2. Champion Foal yearling Elkasun Finesse (Romanza AA*Shamans Fanfare)
Reserve Champion Foal Yearling Elkasun Mistify (Romanza AA* Sahibi Rokamoud)

Elkasun Bint Starbright
Reserve Champion Mare

3. Junior Champion Mare MSA Veroniqa (Versace*Echo Magnifique)
Junior Reserve Champ Mare
Elkasun Bint Starbright (Besson Carol* Starbright Bey)
4. Junior Male Champion Elkasun Exstravagent (Romanza AA Shaheer Spring Passion)
Reserve Male Champion Elkasun Braveheart (Romanza AA * AS Marida)
5. Senior Champion Female Armika Monrose (BHF Sting *Vlinkfontein Monrose)
Senior Reserve Champion Female MH Prizma (PGN Pryzm *Shaheer Passion Fire)
6. Supreme Champion Female MSA Veroniqa (Versace * Echo Magnifique)
Supreme Champion Stallion Elkasun Exstravagent (Romanza AA * Shaheer Springpassion)
7. Most Classic Head Asala Desert Storm

"El Harem Shidahn"
Childrens rider hunter class, "El Harem Shidahn" won the Child Victor Ludorum trofee.
The Rider/owner is Andre Troost
"El Harem Shidahn" belongs to Sadam Arab Horse Stud.

Riding Classes

1. Champion Novice Riding Horse Traka Crypton (Banghor Mohsarus * Traka Kashmira)
Reserve Champion Novice Riding Horse Armika Mac Five (BHF Sting Sidi Pamela)
2. Champion Open Riding Horse Traka Laddinns Melody (Laddin *Sidi Zahra)
Reserve Sidi Yadviga (Laddinn * Shaheer Smagna)
3. Champion Child Riding Horse El Harim Shidahn (Sahib Camaul El Arab*Siran Kharmia) Rider: Andre Troost
Reserve Traka Argon Rider: Monique Bekker
4. Champion Utility Riding Horse Vayntas Sumadji Rider: Elizaberh Bryant
Reserve Armika Mac Five Rider: Elsa
5. Champion Rider Gareth Coetzee
Reserve Kim Bray
6. Champion Western Pleasure Sidi Love Song (Thee Cyclone*Port Love)
Reserve El Harem Shidahn
7. Champion English Pleasure Horse Handri El Shadi (Laddinn*Sidi Zahra)
Reserve MH Madonna (Bey Oaks Baystone*Sidi Mousica)
8. Champion Hunter Pleasure Horse Traka Laddinns Melody (Laddinn*Happy Landings Beyranzi)
Reserve El Harim Shidahn (Sahib Camaul El Arab*Siran Kharmia )
9. Champion Show Hack Armika Monrose (BHF Sting* Sidi Pamela)
Reserve Traka Laddinns Melody (Laddinn*Happy Landings Beyranzi)
10. Champiom Costume Horse Armika Monrose (BHF Sting* Sidi Pamela)
Reserve Armika Eternity (BHF Sting*Especially Yours)