Fort William+/
Photo R. Knoll

The Morab horse is produced by breeding a purebred Arabian and a purebred Morgan. This cross proved itself to be significant as far back as the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in the United States. At this time William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate, of San Simeon Valley, California, used Morabs extensively on his 80,000 acre ranch.

The Morab combines the best of both worlds – they are extremely sensible horses with lots of style too. Lively, intelligent, refined and beautiful they are happy to compete in just about any discipline. They have been used as work horses on farms, harness horses and show horses. Morabs have found themselves competing in the toughest of endurance rides and are noted for their staying power with many of them racking up very large career mileages. Anything that an Arabian or a Morgan can do – a Morab can do better!!

Many Morabs are registered in the USA as part Arabians and as such are eligible for shows and the Achievement Awards offered by the International Arabian Horse Association. In Canada they can also be registered as part bred Arabians with the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry and the Canadian Morgan Horse Association accepts them as part bred Morgans. It is not uncommon for a Morab to be registered with several registries.

In Canada, the Canadian Morab Association has made great progress in promoting this beautiful breed. Agriculture Canada has granted ‘Evolving Breed Status’ to our horses and has set requirements for creating foundation stock needed to achieve official Breed Status under the ‘Animal Pedigree Act’. Ultimately 200 3rd generation horses will need to be produced to check that the characteristics of the Morab are passed through the generations with a high degree of certainty. In 2002 the Morab horse was shown for the first time at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. A Morab booth at the show attracted a lot of interest. It looks like this breed has a very bright future.

Fort William+/
Photo R. Knoll

My own interest in the Morab horse came from ownership of both an Arabian and a Morgan horse. I had purchased a very pretty Morgan filly as a weanling with wonderful bloodlines and while I was waiting for her to grow up I needed a horse to ride. I bought a 6 year old Arabian gelding who over the past 15 years has carried me thousands of miles on Competitive Trail and Endurance rides. He has earned his Legion of Supreme Honor with the Arabian Horse Association (formerly IAHA). His name is Keylyn TH Censor+/. He is a tough and willing horse with the most gentle disposition you could hope to find.

Fort William+/
Photo R. Knoll

When my mare, JMF Carousel Showgal was three years old, she was bred to the sire of my Arabian gelding. This cross produced my Morab gelding Fort William+. Showgal was used for Competitive Trail and Endurance for a number of years. In 1997 she was the American Morgan Horse Open Competition Champion for Endurance and the same year was the Canadian Morgan Horse Sweepstakes National Champion for Endurance. She had achieved 2000 career miles that same year and was at that time retired for breeding duties.

Fort William+/

Fort William+ started competing in Competitive Trail and Endurance rides as a four year old participating in 20 and 25 mile rides. The following year he included some 50 mile rides along with shorter distances. Since then he has completed over 2000 miles. He has been shown In Hand and was Grand Champion at the first ever Canadian Morab Show held in Alberta in 2000. He combines the endurance and beauty of his Arabian ancestors with the level headed intelligence and very comfortable gaits of his Morgan dam. I hope to have many more years riding the trails with this lovely horse.


Our New Colt Foal 'Nights On Broadway' his pet name is Rufus!

JMF Carousel Showgal was bred to an Arabian stallion again in 2002 – this time to a Spanish bred stallion named D-R Bravissimo, a grandson of Barich De Washoe. She has just foaled a very pretty, chestnut colt who looks very much like ‘Wills’ did at the same age. He looks like he is going to be really showy. She will be bred to my own stallion this year – an Arabian who is Polish and Russian bred – Perdition VF by Probat out of Peleryna by Algomej. I hope for great things from this cross.

UPDATE: We are proud to announce that Wills... has achieved his Legion of Supreme Honor

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