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Mission Statement
Our mission: to protect horses from abuse and alleviate their suffering by rehabilitating, campaigning and educating worldwide.

Information about the ILPH

Who Are We?
The International League for the Protection of Horses was founded in 1927 by Miss Ada Cole, the main aim being to prevent the ill-treatment of horses exported to Europe for slaughter. It has grown to become the world’s leading international equine welfare charity and is the official welfare arm of the FEI. Milestones

What do we do?
At home - In the United Kingdom the ILPH runs five Recovery and Rehabilitation Centres with around three hundred equines undergoing rehabilitation at any one time. Fifteen full time ILPH field officers, nearly all ex-mounted policemen, investigate cases of cruelty and neglect, inspect markets and ports and also check the horses on the ILPH's horse loan scheme. Nearly 1,700 rehabilitated horses and ponies are currently in approved homes.

Worldwide - Working in the developing world, the ILPH runs educational and training courses in saddlery, farriery, veterinary care and nutrition to combat the major causes of equine suffering and help the owners to help themselves.

We believe
In rehabilitation the ILPH will attempt to return every horse that comes into our care to health, happiness and a good quality of life.

In rehoming - any horse capable of an active life will be placed with a new loaner allowing us to take care of those still needing rehabilitation. The ILPH retains responsibility for these horses throughout their life.

In education - In all areas of its work the ILPH believes that it is better to educate and inform than to criticise or provide purely financial support.

In sustainable solutions - the ILPH believes in using locally available materials and imparting knowledge to allow permanent rather than temporary solutions to Third World problems

The International League for the Protection of Horses is funded entirely by voluntary contributions, and relies on the generous support of those concerned for equine welfare around the world. If you like or admire horses then help us help horses everywhere. Join us today.

Loan scheme
We are now taking telephone applications on 0870 8731927 for all horses except Ridden horses. This is due to us currently having 1885 applications on the system. This list will reopen on the 15th September.

Preparing the horse for loan
Once the ILPH equines have been rehabilitated we try to find them new homes either as ridden or companion equines. The ILPH centres fully assess each equine to determine the kind of work that they are suited to before a new home is found. The loan equines come from various backgrounds - they may come in as welfare cases or been gifted to the ILPH. Depending on their background and conformation they could be rehomed for various uses such as hacking, jumping, driving or showing. They may be youngsters need ing to be brought on or purely non ridden companions.

ILPH Centres
ILPH horses are only rehomed from our centres, which are in Norfolk, Surrey, Herefordshire, Lancashire and Aberdeenshire. Therefore applicants must be prepared to travel to one or more of these centres to have the riding assessment and to collect the equine. It is responsibility of the borrower to meet the costs of the equine's transportation.

Matching up horse and borrower
When the horse is fully rehabilitated all Loan Scheme applicants are considered in order to match the horse with the most suitable home. We have many applicants and because of this there can sometimes be a wait before a suitable horse is found. If a horse seems that it would suit a particular applicant, we will call and ask them to come for a riding assessment. This may involve several trips back to the farm to get to know the horse. If this is successful we then send one of our Field Officers to do a home check to make sure that the home will suit the horse. Please note that ILPH equines are not loaned out for commercial use. They may be stabled in livery at riding schools provided they are not used in the school.

Once a horse comes into our care we will own that equine for the rest of it's life in order to permanently guarantee their well being. Naturally personal circumstances change and riders outgrow ponies or move on. Should the circumstances of a loan home change we will always be happy for the equine to be returned to one of our centres. Although we do ask for at least one months notice of any return.

Taking the horse home
The relationship between the Field Officer and the borrower is ongoing, as they will be the first port of call if any problem should arise and are responsible for carrying out regular checks to make sure everything is running smoothly - these checks can be unannounced. The borrower will be given a loan pack which is a record of all the worming, shoeing and veterinary care. It is a condition of loan that all of these procedures are kept up to date and are paid for by the borrower, including any extra veterinary costs that arise. Once the horse is taken on loan the borrower takes on all the costs of the horse, including a minimum of third party insurance. The ILPH does request a donation for loan of a horse or pony. The horses are not loaned out with any tack or rugs.

How to apply.
To apply to be considered for a loan horse you should call headquarters on 0870 8731927. The application process involves answering some simple questions about where you would be keeping the horse and your experience of riding and caring for horses. Once all the information is recorded, we hold it on file and contact you should a suitable horse become available. Applicants are free to call at any time to discuss how an application is progressing.

Please browse our 'ILPH Horses' menu where there is information on the rescue, rehoming, and latest updates on horses we have rehomed.

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