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Stratford was a rewarding day for Lisa Deymonaz's family as Pierre rode three winners and her parents Jim and Jo Kippen had a double. The four-year-old Bengaliya, a tall striking-looking filly trained by Jennie Candlish, won the first race in a close finish with SA Another Sam ridden by Wendy Parkin. Based at Stonehill Arabian Stud in East Sussex, Wendy breeds and trains her own horses for racing. She booked Pierre to ride SA Arc En Ciel for her in the 0-40 six furlong race and in another exciting finish this Merlin al Maury colt was able to keep ahead of Muhannad who came with a fast finish under Brian Boulton. Pierre made all to achieve his treble on Bibi Royale in the 0-70 sprint, to give a first and last race double to trainer Jennie Candlish. "Bibi was feeling well this week," explained Jennie, "He is fast and sustained his speed throughout the race."

Elizabeth Maclean had a wonderful day with a double as owner/breeder, "An incredible day," she enthused, "Razif is such a wonderful character, a clever old man, he just stands still while he is plaited and has his toe nails painted ready for the race. This will buoy us all up going home." It is always a pleasure to speak to Elizabeth, as she is so enthusiastic about her horses. Joy Maclean is equally passionate about racing and has her horses ready for the job; Rawen and Razif won the GB Bred Champion Stakes and the Penn Wood Challenge Stakes respectively, while her Anglo runners took the placings behind El Sabio in the C.M. Cole AA/PB Champion Stakes. Arctic Fire and Arctic Gold couldn't get ahead of Annette Masterson's impressive stallion after a scorching gallop set by Petrova Princess made it a true run race.

The popularity of the Anglo for racing allows two races at several meetings this year, with Claire Ward's homebred Tamagotchi beating Sugar Dandy by half a length in a thrilling finish in the AA/PB Maiden. Claire explained the story behind Tamagotchi's name, "In 1997, the year he was born I was really stuck for a name, my niece and nephew came to stay during the summer and at the time were into these cyber-pet gadgets. My niece, Helen, who was 5, said 'Call him Tamagotchi.' When I asked her what it meant, she replied 'Cute Little Egg.' He is the fourth generation I have bred from the same mare. It all started 10 years ago when I spoke to Lesley Dunn about what to do with an eventing mare that was 25% Arab, she suggested breeding for racing."

The Phantom 0-60 Sweepstakes went to another homebred, Sabez, for Pat and John Stroud. "We've still got 'mum', over 30 years old, and 'dad', who wins at shows and dressage, at home," Pat explained. John was delighted with Sabez as it was the horse's second win in 7 days and the six-pound penalty for winning hadn't stopped him.

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