Arab Racing 2001

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Claire Ward

The contenders for the first race in the parade paddock.

No 1 Zarastral, 12 y.o. stallion owned and trained by Mr. Phillip Rondell and ridden by Mark P. Cooper.

No 5 Altayarah 4 y.o filly Owned by Mr. T.B.D Al Muhairi, trained by by Ms S. kelleway and ridden by Simon Walker.

No 7 Starinsky 4.y.o. filly owned by Mrs. Claire A. Ward, trained by Peter L. Murphy and ridden by Mr. Rob Woollard.

No 3. L'Enchanteur royal, 4y.o. colt (the eventual winner) owned by The New Generation Racing Club, trained by Jennie Candlish and ridden by Jason Burley.

No 4 Mural-De Feu 4 y.o. colt owned by Mrs. C.E. Cooper, trained by Mr. Jim Cooper and ridden by Mr. Yecel Mehmet(4 th placed).

The Finish - Race 1

No 3: L'Enchanteur Royale placed 1st.

No 6 SA Antohersam (2nd).

No 5: Altayarah (3rd) and No 4: Mural De Feu (4th)

The winner of the first race, L'enchanteur Royale.

Race 2 - Anglos and Partbreds

1st in the 2nd Race for Anglos and Partbreds, Toalogo 11 y.o. gelding, owned by Mr. Stuart Shefras, trained by Mrs. Dona Wheatley and ridden by Mr. Bernie Gonsalves.

2nd No 4 Tzarinsky 13 y.o. stallion owned, trained and ridden by Mr. Philip Rondell.

3rd No 1 Great lady 5 y.o. mare, owned by Mrs. C. E. Cooper, trained by Mr. Jim Cooper and ridden by Mr. Yecel Mehmet.

4th No 3 Spring Psalm 7 y.o. gelding owned, trained and ridden by Mr. John Moseley.

The winner of the 2nd race No 2 Toalogo, handler Miss Vanessa Hemstock and on the right the proud owner Mr. Stuart Shefras who says "Toalogo has done me proud, consistently racing for 7 seasons, I've had him since he was a 2 year old, I think I'll retire him now on this win, he really deserves it ".

3rd placed in the 3rd race of the day No 4 Doraman 8 y.o gelding owned and trained by Mr. A.J.Jennings and ridden by Mr. Simon Walker.

Race 3

Going to post in race 3 are 1st No 3 SA Arc En Ciel, 4 y.o. colt, owned, trained and bred by Wendy Parkin, and ridden by Mr. P Deymonaz.

2nd is No 9 Reffari Xedos 6 y.o. gelding owned and trained by Mrs C.J. Conen.

3rd is No 4 Doraman and 4th is Island Rover 8 y.o. gelding owned by Mr & Mrs John Morris, trained by Mrs. Andrea Boulton and ridden by Miss Sam Morris, daughter of the owners.

The winner of Race 3 SA Arc En Ciel.

Race 4

Winner of race 4 for Anglos and Partbreds, No 3 Call me risky, 4 y.o. colt owned, trained and bred by miss S. G. Kelleway and ridden by Mr. P. Deymonaz.

Claire Ward



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