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The 2001 racing season was celebrated at the Calcot Hotel, Reading on 26th October. This was an evening to get together with friends and friendly rivals from the turf to recognise the achievements of everyone throughout the past year. Although there were some who thought it was a night out for eating, drinking and dancing. Once again Robert and Maxine Cave-Debuse did a grand job of organising the evening and our thanks go to them and the staff at the Calcot for looking after everyone so well. Ian Garner was given the microphone to introduce the awards and a variety of people were invited to present trophies to the winners. A special mention was made of Paul Taylor, our new handicapper for this year, and of Bernie Gonsalves whom he took over from. Joy Maclean was presented with her prize from Stuart Shefras for Razif winning the Penn Wood Challenge Series, and Jill Acheson (nee Martin) was thanked for all her hard work this year.

The awards were as follows:

Leading Trainer: Sarah Kelleway
Leading Owner: Khalid Ghurair
Leading Jockey: Pierre Deymonaz
Leading Horse: Sanji,
owned by Stuart Shefras and trained by Jennie Candlish
Leading Mare: Rawen, owned and trained by Joy Maclean
Leading Anglo Arab: El Sabio, owned by Ann Harrison and trained by Annette Masterson
Leading 4-year-old: Pleinne D'Amour,
owned by Lisa Deymonaz and trained by Jennie Candlish

A new award is The Acheson Award for The Handler of the Year, in recognition of all the work by people who give their time help out by grooming and leading up at the races, this year it went to Debbie Selfe. Fibresand donated £50 and Blue Chip a jacket as part of the prize.

The Shomran Trophy given by the Race Committee to members who they feel have given considerable time and effort towards racing: Claire Taylor and Rob Woollard.

Claire & Rob

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