AHS North-West Aintree International Arena, Liverpool
30th/31st May 2009

Judge Miss L Maryon

CLASS 1 Novice Anglo / part bred mare gelding stallion

Kavanaghs Distinction, exhibited by E Cross
2nd. Kamal Ibn Dara, exhibited and bred by S and D Tandy
3rd. Gordons Angel, Exh by V Weir
4th Downies Mystic Melody exh bred by L Tait

CLASS 2 Anglo and part bred mare gelding stallion not exceeding 148cm

Sunberry Golden Tribute, Exh and bred by Mrs. J Kent
2nd Royal Crown Derby, Exh by H Anderson
3rd. Wychenlea Act of Honour, exh by J Rosebury
4th Gordons Angel, exh V Weir

CLASS 3 Anglo, part bred 148 - 153cms mare gelding stallion

Mettlewood Jubilee Tribute exh and bred by N Hutton- McKenzie
2nd Cest la Vie, exh by S Hazeldine
3rd Kavanaghs Royal Sensation exh by B H Evans

CLASS 4 Anglo part bred over 153 cm mare gelding stallion

Kamal Ibn Dara exh and bred by S and D Tandy
2nd Silvan Sentiment exh by R Nelson
3rd Silver Pimpernal exh by J Wilkinson and D Froggat
4th Royal Duet exh by A Allen
5th Longriver Eternity, exh by a Embleton
6th Kizella exh by D Kirkham

CLASS 5 young riders 12 - 16

Cest la Vie exh by S Hazeldine
2nd Qmriya Ghadameeze Exh by S Tandy
3rd Phantom Estasha exh by D Daniels

CLASS 6 young rider 14 - 21

AJA Ben Rajah exh by T Pollard
2nd Royal Crown Derby, exh by H Anderson

Anglo/PBA Ridden Champion: Kavanagh's Distinction
Res: Kamal Ibn Dara

Novice Mares: Shaikhs Argenta
Gelding and Novice Champion: Malik Ibn Rossali
Stallion and Res: El Sahir

Open Mares: Maiad HOYS Qualifier: Azhiqa
Open Geldings: 2 classes winners: AJA Ben Rajah (HOYS Qualifier); ZA Karis Ibn Azal (Open Champion and Overall Champion)
Open Stallions: RA Zanam (Res Open Champion)

Amateur Champion: Azure Bay Res: Royal Crown Derby


Yearling colts
1st GB Adala by WH Justice bred and owned Mr and Mrs Keegan
2nd Psyngali LA by AJA Svengali
3rd Alkara Bassino by H Tobago
4th Harribeau by CAS Sabur

Yearling fillies
1st Aimee May by CAS Sabur bred and owned Elaine Preston
2nd LTF Annyetta by G Tamin
3rd SJ Psyches Tilly by Psyches first Edition
4th GE Al Amira by EA Azniah El Shaklan

Two year old colts
1st Asbeau by CAS Sabur bred and owned by Mr & Mrs Johnson
2nd AB Navarino by Psytadel
3rd Perfect Design LA by Master Design GA
4th Magnum Dancer by Magnum Psyche out of My Midnight Dancer

Two year old fillies
1st Maybelisa by Psadisho Ibn Esstashan out of Maybe Bey Be bred and owned Hon Mrs Wragg
2nd MA Could It Be Majic by Legacy of Fame bred and owned Mike Ashmore
3rd Lakiara MH by HB Bastille
4th Angelic Image by Psyches Image

Three Year old Colt (two forward)
1st Danni Kalifornia by WH Justice bred Z Bermingham owned McGregor/Lewthwaite
2nd Champiaan by Psadisho Ibn Esstashan

Three year old fillies
1st Psyada (Junior Female Champion)by Psynergy bred S Jones owned J Robinson
2nd Annia EA by Khidar

Junior geldings
1st Katanah by El Sahir
2nd Psyara by Psynergy
3rd Marazarli by Azinja el Shaklan

Senior Geldings
1st Emir Ibn Essteema (champion) by FS Bengali
2nd Chanzes R (reserve)by Vodolej
3rd Zanzibar PA by Psytadel

Veteran gelding
1st Shada by Ibn Estasha

Mares with foal
1st Ess First Lady by Ess El Shakran
2nd White China Bay by Solmood

1st Thee Gigolo out of White China Bay by Thee Equalizer

Mares 4-7 years
1st Alia EA (champion) by Khidar
2nd Muranas Nani by Psytadel

Mares 8-16 years
1st Bylinka by Piligrim
2nd HT Georgette by Dakshah
3rd Marzookah by Amal

Classic Head - junior Perfect Design LA
Classic Head - senior AA Assal

Stallions 4-6 years
1st and Res Ch AH Walmir
2nd AA Assal
3rd Forever Besson

Stallions 7-16 years
1st and Champion Karat
2nd and Res Res CAS Sabur
3rd Piligrim

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