RIHS 29 July 06 - PBA/Anglos results

Small ridden anglo and PBA not exceeding 148cm:

1. Stanley Grange Scholarship, Rider: L Day, Owner: D Day
2. Strinesdale Golden Mistral, Rider: C Henderson, Owner: R W Bertram
3. Hollowmarsh Digby, Rider: J Allen, Owner: S Allen
4. Beverley Geisha Girl, Rider: C Hartley, Owner: W Hartley
5. Beckside First Impression, Rider: G Harvey, Owner: J Harvey
6. Chiddock New Limit, Rider: R Stone, Owner: K Stone
7. Marchemanor Red Star, Rider: S Few, Owner: L Few
8. Cat Burglar, Rider: O Edmondson, Owner: J Edmondson

Large ridden anglo and PBA exceeding 148cm:

1. Kingsford Silvery Spray (third time winner at RIHS!!!), Rider: K Davis, Owner: J Reed
2. Royal Doulton, Rider: K Roberts, Owner: H Lang
3. Cat-astrophic, Rider: F Leat, Owner: A Leat
4. Foxholm Moondance, Rider: K Harris, Owner: R C Harris
5. Holltess Veni Vidi Vici, Rider: K Jerram, Owner: A Lucas
6. Saville Row, Rider: J Walsh-Wright, Owner: J Walsh-Wright
7. Fleetsmore Night Rider, Rider: R Abba, Owner: J Knipe
8. Stanley Grange Puppeteer, Rider: C Chubb, Owner: C Chubb

Champion: Kingsford Silvery Spray (again, third time champion at RIHS)
Reserve: Stanley Grange Scholarship

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