19 th June 2004

Results Kindly supplied by Anne Cunningham

Yearling Colts

1. ROE Aseel Mr T O Aggad
2. AH Walmir Mr & Mrs P Meylan
3.Van Mail Kossack Ms L Boreham

Yearling Fillies

1. Emeldaria Ms M Freeman
2. Gwinivine Silverdale Training Centre
3. Keziya Mrs M Calvert

2 Year Old Colts

1. Notorious PSY Mrs V Brown
2. Moloko Ms A Antoniades
3. Jabban Mr & Mrs J Bundy

2 Year Old Fillies

1. Azzotica Mrs C Reeves
2. Aazadia Silverdale Training Centre
3. Enyaa Mrs L Tait

3 Year Old Colts

1. Gladiattor Mrs S Clyma
2. FH Ibn Dageegah Mrs S Jones
3. AH Danza Bey Ms A Antoniades

3 Year Old Fillies

1. Marani Mr T O Aggad
2. Maysu Mesdames H & C Hill & Blyth
3. Nyinska Kossack Mr & Mrs Atkinson & Mrs Howard-Price

Junior Male Champion Notorious PSY
Reserve ROE Aseel

Junior Female Champion Marani
Reserve Azzotica

Pure Bred Geldings 1 - 3 Years Old

1. Lymerik Mr & Mrs B Bermingham

Geldings 4 Years Old and Over

1. Rushkar Ms M Burr
3. Taher Miss N Smith

Pure Bred Barren Mares

1. Eka Silverdale Training Centre
3. Metelica Mrs C Reeves

Pure Bred Brood Mares

1. Bhavna Mrs M Calvert
2. Ewoluta Silverdale Training Centre

Pure Bred Foals

1. Mrs Calvert
2. Silverdale Training Centre

Senior Female Champion Eka

1. Adawy Miss E Maxwell
2. Arrizona Silverdale Training Centre
3. Benzali Ms S L Murfin

Senior Male Champion Adawy
Reserve Eka

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