1st - 2nd May 2004

Jr Yearling fillies
1st Yokosuka "F"
2nd SG Hessta Shaklana
3rd Amour Etoile
4th EA-Ayesha

Sr Yearling Fillies
1st ADH Psyche's Passion
2nd Enchantress
3rd Kazrhia
4th AF Angelus

Two year old fillies jr
2nd SG Esscada
3rd Karramia
4th Enyaa

Two year old colts
1st Notorious Psy
2nd Mirage Shakhiran
3rd Jabban

Two year old junior fillies
1st TS Halinaah
Two year old filles Senior
1st Haniyyah
2nd LTF Fire a Dream
3rd Redwood Lodge Chances R

Three year old colts
Nabucco Jr male and res sup
2nd HT Karachi
3RD Remeses
4th Indian Golden Silk

Three year old fillies
1st Tabara
2nd LTF Wings of Joy
3rd FS Zaafinah

Ridden Novice Arab Mares
1st Cerra
2nd HFA Kwissikal
3rd Bint El Nil

Novice Arab Geldings
1st Azure Bay
2nd Ocean Eilat
3rd Halim El Shaklan

Novice Arab Stallion
1st Ohio

Arab Mares (HOYS Qualifier)
Kazmiera Res
2nd Varaina
3rd Ramilla
4th Kerridwen

Arab Geldings (HOYS Qualifier)
1st Johara El Kheil (Reserve Pure bred ridden champion)
2nd Storm Gold

3rd Maleikero
4th Halim El Shaklan

Arab Stalions (HOYS Qualifier)
1st Shadow Blue (Pure bred ridden champion)
2nd Merlin Ibn Maximo

3rd CDRS Kid Shailin
4th G Absolut

In Hand Yearling Colts
1st Emenes
2nd SG Spirt of Essteem

Junior Yearling Fillys
1st Yokosuka 'F'
2nd SG Hessta Shaklana

Senior Yearling Fillys
1st ADH Psyches Passion
2nd Enchantress

2yr Old Colts
1st Notorious Psy (Reserve Junior male champion)
2nd Mirage Shakhiran

2yr Old Fillys - junior
1st TS Halinaah
2nd SG Esscada

2yr Old Fillys - Senior
1st Haniyyah (Junior female champion)
2nd LTF Fire A Dream (Reserve Junior female champion)

3 yr old Colts
1st Nabucco (Junior male champion)&(Reserve Supreme champion)
2nd HT Karachi

3yr old Fillys
1st Tabara
2nd LTF Wings of Joy

1,2 & 3 year old geldings
1st Dancin Dream
2nd SG Flute
3rd AJA Sanjahman

Senior Geldings
1st Aurab el Kheil
2nd Kaishan
3rd NPA Hazan

Mares with foal at foot
1st Karimda (Reserve female champion)
2nd Inspirational

3rd Levetta

1st Sulan Ellectroneeka - Foal Champion
2nd Pysches inspiration

Mares without foal at foot (junior)
1st LA Dolce Vita (Female champion)
2nd Oryetta
3rd DF Ballerina
4th Shannara

Mares without foal (senior)
1st Inyka
2nd Pokrovk

3rd Tara Shaklan
4th Zaria Bint Scimitar

Veteran Mares
1st Sulan Easter Princes

Stallions 4-6
1st Psyche's Spirit (Male champion)&(Supreme champion)
2nd AJA Ben Nazif

3rd Emir Ibn Nahaman
4th LA Klassik

Stallions 7-16
1st Muhajjal (Reserve Male champion)
2nd Raji
3rd Focus Shatino
4th Ellectron

Classic Head (senior)
1st Ameelia Classic Head Ch
2nd Anastasia
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