By Liz Salmon

The show is held on June 4th - 8th at the Kentucky Horse Park, which is a fabulous venue. The Pyramid Society Board have really tried to knock out the use of ginger and the constant shanking, and should be commended for taking a lead in these matters.

The added interest of various seminars were a popular attraction. 'From Science to Art and Beyond' with Dr. Redden and Karen Kasper exploring 'form to function' was a favourite. The next day Judi Forbis and Joe Ferris discussed 'If Wishes Were Horses.' 'Breeding the Problem Mare' with Dr. Michelle LeBlanc was another great lecture that was well attended.

The three judges were Scott Brumfield (USA), Silvia Garde-Ehlert (Germany) and Marianne Tengstedt (Denmark).

As I didn't arrive until lunchtime, the first classes I saw were the World Class 2 year old Colts and 3 year old stallions. The winner, Insignia Desha (Thee Desperado x Jubillee), was an extremely typey, quality and good moving colt.

I just loved the winner, the elegant, typey rich bay mare, Dorian Oreana (Dorian Oran x HF Driade). The next class was huge 32 World Class Yearling Fillies. There were some exquisite fillies here, but emerging as the winner with actually the highest score of the show was the beautiful Farid Nile Dream (Farid Nile Moon x Imperial Maysama) The 23 World Class Yearling Colts also contained some good entries. The winner in this class was the pretty bay colt, SSAtlantis (Thee Desperado x MFA Alaanta).

After lunch, we had ten Halter classes lined up. The Extended Specialty Straight Egyptian classes were first, beginning with the three year old mares, which was a good small class won by the very attractive Imperial Baarakah (Imperial Baarez x Imperial Karmah).

Only two mares came forward for the four year old mares, but the winner was absolutely lovely. This was Sweet Eloise (Thee Desperado x Kuhaylah Nitaya). The 3 year old stallions had eight entries of a fairly good standard. The winner The Source CC (Salaa El Dine x Mouna IASB) was a typey and deep bodied horse. Only four stallions entered the ring for the four year old class. The very clear winner was RZA Orient Express (PVA Karim x Orient Queen)Ða typey and correct stallion. Next to go were the Futurity Egyptian bred classes, the first for 2 year old fillies of four entries, which was won by Kismyt (Royal Phariel x Kaylie Jamaal). The two year old colts had just one entry who was disqualified for twice getting loose. The yearling fillies were much better although only three in the class. The pretty winner was Satine (Thee Desperado x The Dreamspinner). Again only three yearling colts came forward for their class. The very clear winner was Fareem (Farres x Imperors Madonna), a pretty good moving colt.

That evening there was the first of the two stallion presentations, which was quite a spectacle of famous stallions, from which to select a sire for next year. The audience were allowed to view the horses close up on the outside of a chain link barrier.

The next day saw a lovely class of two year old Futurity 2 year old fillies. There were some really good fillies here. A final top ten were selected to go through to the final. The ten finalist colts were of a good standard too, and included the two year old colt winner of the World Class colts, Insignia Desha.

On Thursday evening there was plenty to watch. First into the ring were 32 Futurity Straight Egyptian Yearling fillies for their preliminary judging. Again there were some exquisite entries that went forward for the final. Twenty two colts were judged for their final, out of these there were one or two of potential stallion quality.

The 4 year old World Class stallions were next, but only four entered the ring, and they were all fairly nice. Winning was the typey headed TH Knight Rider (AK Khazar x Midnight Hour) The 3 year old World Class mares had some very nice entries, and was won by the pretty, feminine HMT Fariha Karim (PVA Karim x Princess Fariha). Storming into the next class for WorldClass stallions of 10 and over, was an ethereal apparition trotting as only the European stallions do. This was Nigmh (Ansata Halim Shah x Nasbah). He's a lovely stallion and he easily won the class unanimously.

What a disappointment to see only three mares of ten and over. In other countries this is often the best class of mares. The winner was Madrigall (TheMinstril x Esprit D'Asadd), The Get of Sire was won by a good group by Imperial Baarez (PVA Karim x BB Ora Kalilah).

On Friday morning the one class was the excellent one for the 24 World Class stallions of 5-9 years. The winner was Al Salil (Thee Desperado x Mistil), a very typey and correct stallion.

The finals of the Futurity Straight Egyptian classes were held in the afternoon. The first final was the 2 year old fillies justifiably won by Antara Shalima. The 2 year old colts winner was Insignia Desha. The winning yearling filly was Nakhda Saqqara (CN Jericho x Nisrs Bint Kamal), a small but exotic headed and feminine filly. Thee Bravado (Thee Desperado x Shahadaa) was the yearling colt winner. The exciting finals of the liberty class was a unanimous win for Ravenwood Jaleel (RG Al Mone x Kismat RSI).

Champion Colt: Insignia Desha

On Saturday morning the endurance competitors set off. There were over 100 entrants of all breeds, and the rides were 25 and 50 miles. The winner of the 25 miler was a Straight Egyptian Desert Sword, owned by the Pyramid Society President, Martha Lucas, and ridden by Tricia Lingle in 2 hours 23 minutes. The winner of the 50 mile ride in 4 hours 42 minutes was yet another Straight Egyptian, TP Shaloul, ridden by Michelle Owens. The ridden Championships were held in the morning, and were larger and more impressive than usual.

So all that was left was the Halter Championships. First in were the fillies, and I must admit I had a hard time choosing between Antara Shalima and Farid Nile Dream. The judges chose Antara Shalima as Champion with Nakhada Saqqara Reserve. The colt Champion wasn not surprisingly, Insignia Desha with Entebbe CA (Thee Desperado x Shaamisa Mystique) who was second in the class as Reserve.

Champion Filly: Antara Shalima

The Champion Mare emerged as Dorian Oreana with Sweet Eloise in Reserve. The Supreme Champion mare was Dorian Oreana with Antara Shalima as Reserve.

Champion Mare: Dorian Oreana

I thought the stallion Championship was wide open, but my personal preference was Nigmh, but the judges chose RZA Orient Express with Al Salil in Reserve. The was RZA Orient Express with Insignia Desha in Reserve.

Supreme Champion stallion: RZA Orient Express

This show is absolutely a must on my calendar for the year. It is a really fun and friendly Event with lots to do and see, but keep an eye on your credit cards, there's lots of temptation !!

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