WALES & WEST 21/5/05
Results Kindly supplies by Denise Knights ( Knights Arabians )

class 1A - purebred Junior yearling fillies (born after 23.04.04

1st Judals Little Kiss - Owner Pyrah and Hunt Breeder Exhibitor
2nd Catwalk - Owner Mr & Mrs N Arnold Breeder Exhibitor
3rd AJA Adiva - owner AJA Arabians Breeder Exhibitor

Class 1B - Pure bred Senior Yearling Fillies (born before 23.04.04) 11 forward

1st Gloriana - owner Miss H Brown Breeder Exhibitor
2nd Roe Lahad - owner Mr T Aggad breeder exhibitor
3rd Mirage Psyndikate - owner The Psyndikate breeder S Robers
4th Psyanna - owner Mr and Mrs Jones breeder exhibitor

class 2A - Pure bred Junior Fillies 2 years old (born after 19.04.03) 8 forward

1st Wasama Bint Malika - owner R and S Jones breeder L Free
2nd Judals Kiss of Jamaal - owner Pyrah and Hunt breeder exhibitor
3rd Pyrrha - owner K Sargent breeder C.Evans
4th Boudica - owner Miss H Brown breeder exhibitor

class 2B - pure bred senior Fillies 2 years old (born before 19.04.03)

1st Kyla Jean - owner Mrs A Ware breeder J blaine
2nd Zeezeetop - owner Mr and Mrs N Arnold breeder exhibitor
3rd Epernay - owner Ms S George breeder exhibitor

Champion Junior filly was Gloriana - Owner Miss H Brown

Reserve Junior filly was Kyla Jean - Owner Mrs A Ware

Class 3 - pure bred Fillies 3 year old (12 forward)

1st Alishya - owner Atkins family
2nd Lady Madonna - owner Miss H Brown - breeder exhibitor
3rd SG Boranya - owner Ms S George - breeder exhibitor
4th Aazaria - owner Mrs Lugrin - breeder Culnane and Smith
5th AJA Chalina - owner AJA Arabians - breeder exhibitor

class 4A - Pure Bred Junior yearling colts (Born after 20.04.04)

1st AJA Sanchez - owner AJA Arabians Breeder Exhibitor
2nd Psynerman - owner Tonge and Mackenzie breeder K Whittard
3rd Prince Psyche - owner Miss S Beeley breeder exhibitor
4th Northash Kastan - owner Mr and Mrs K Richards breeder M Davies

Class 4B - Pure bred Junior yearling colts (born before 20.04.04)

1st Audemars PA - owner Miss A bethell breeder J Ware
2nd H Tobago - owner Gamlin,Mathews,Ratcliffe breeder C Chillingworth
3rd Marahbi - owner Mrs A Ware breeder J Ware

Class 5 - pure bred colts 2 year olds ( 9 forward)

1st Prodigy - owner Miss H Brown breeder exhibitor
2nd Emenes - owner Keen and Griffiths breeder E Jones
3rd Altered Images - owner Huges and Carden breeder K Smith

class 6 - pure bred colts 3 years old ( 6 forward)

1st Maartial - owner Dame J Anderson breeder exhibitor
2nd Jabban - owner sally ann Terry breeder A Wallace
3rd Monte Carlo- owner Mr and Mrs Rackley breeder Major and Mrs Maxwell

Junior Arab Male champion - Audemars PA - owner Miss A Bethell breeder J Ware

Reserve H Tobago - owner Gamlin,Matthews,Ratcliffe

Class 7 - Pure bred Barren Mare 4 - 6 years old (2 forward)

1st - R Bey Ali - owner Mr A Rodgers
2nd - Miroyna

class 8 - pure bred Barren mare 7 - 10 years old (2 forward)

1st Cas Symnphony owner Mrs L Mitchell breeder H Birdsall
2nd Kallima - owner M Fitzgerald breeder C Chillingworth

Class 9 bure bred barren mare 11 years and over ( 3 forward)

1st FFlirtation - owner Miss G J Allen breeder Mr and Mrs Gamlin
2nd Sensation - owner Miss H Brown breeder Hall and Stump
3rd G Baryshnia - owner Ms S George breeder P Gucci

Class 10 - pure bred mare with own foal at foot 4 years and over ( 7 forward)

1st Deserai owner Mrs K Whittard breeder Mr and Mrs Hodsman
2nd Labanka - owner Mr and Mrs D Smith breeder A Kuijf
3rd CS Kalliope owner D Ranson breeder Mrs Brunton

Class 11 - pure bred foals produce of mare in class 10 ( 7 forward)

1st Cotswold Shaheen owner Hughes and Carden breeder L Huges
2nd Un - Named - owner Mr and Mrs D Smith breeder exhibitor
3rd Kahleeta - owner D Ranson breeder Exhibitor

Class 12 - Pure bred Geldings Yearlings

1st & Res Ch ZANZIBAR (Psytadel/Zanetta) owner Miss D Mitchell breeder J ware
2nd Ffinalai (Ffatal Attraction/Ass Windi) - owner Biles and Gamlin breeder D Gamlin

Class 13 a Pure bred Geldings 2 years
1st place KANEESKO (GRANDO x SPRING KANTATA) bred by Linda Lyall, owned by Dianne Lee,
2nd place MEENUKI (AL MAARAM x MEENAH) owned and bred by Andrea Ware

3rd place ASCARI ( MOSTAFA x CAMEO ROSE) owned and bred by S. Beeley

4th place SAHIR OMAH ( Dhruv x ORMMAL) owned and bred by E. German

Class 13b Pure bred Geldings 3yr olds
Lymerick - owner Mr&Mrs B Bermingham Breeder Miss S Richards
2nd Estisha

Class 14 Pure Bred Geldings 4 yrs plus
1st & Ch Shayla's Attraction (Ffatal Attraction/Focus Shayla) -owner Mr&Mrs Howell breeder Mrs Calvert
2nd MHS Wytuki (Ibn Sudan) Zushi) owner Mrs J Nunn breeder Mrs P Weestwood
3rd Erros (Mezalians/Erni) - owner S Russell breeder E Chat

Pure Bred Gelding Championship

Class 15 Pure Bred Stallions 4 & 5 year olds
1 Nabucco - owner L Lyall breeder Sax Arabians
2 AJA Svengali - owner Miss A Bethell breeder J Hickford

Class 16 Pure Bred Senior Stallions
1st & Ch Karat - owner Mr&Mrs Atkin breeder Tersk Stud
2nd Ali Khaziel - owner Silverdale arabians breeder W Prothero
3rd Ibn Charisma - owner Hughes and Carden breeder Mrs W Carr

class 17 - Novice Ridden pure bred stallion, mare, or gelding 4 years and over

class was split A and B

Results for A

1st OAS Panache owner Mr and Mrs D Anderson breeder Mrs Levell
2nd Bashire Cala Shah -owner Mrs S westwood breeder exhibitor
3rd Shaq - owner Mr and Mrs P Wainwright breeder Mrs V Trip

Results for B

1st Estaneera - owner Mr A Rodgers breeder Mrs W Carr
2nd Quarida - owner Mrs V Nelson breeder N Haworth
3rd Russkaya - owner Mr J coward breeder Exhibitor

class 18 - Novice Ridden Anglo Arab, Part Bred Stallion, Mares, Gelging 4 yrs and over

Class 19 - Westesolve ridden pure bred stallion 4 years and over HOYS Qualifier

1st Saroukh - owner Mr and Mrs P Wainwright ridden by A Brown
2nd RV Heir Aparent - owner Miss C Fowler breeder Mr and Mrs Parfitt
3rd Valletta Hunters Moon - owner Miss G Rees breeder S Coombs

class 20 Wastesolve ridden pure bred mares 4 yrs and over HOYS Qualifier

1st Shayna Maydel - owner S Rose breeder Exhibito rridden by Darren Crowe
2nd Silver LIL - owner Boyle and Phillips breeder Mrs Dixon
3rd Eastworth Ahmoshini - owner S Coombs breeder Exhibitor

Class 21 Wastesolve Ridden Pure bred gelding 4 years and over HOYS Qualifier

1st Storm Gold - owner Mrs C Bennett breeder T Sheward ridden by Tina Bennett
2nd Luzhanas Stargazer - owner Ms S George breeder Exhibitor
3rd HS Hidden Gold - owner Mrs M Waring breeder S Watts

Class 22 Ridden Anglo or part bred stallion, mare, gelding 4 yrs and over under 148 cms

1st Moreglen Midas Touch - owner Mrs J Sidebottom - breeder R Boulton
2nd Tamaals Spring Valentine - owner Miss J spensley breeder RS Taylor

class 23 Ridden anglo arab or part bred stallion,mare,gelding 4 years and over - over 148 cms

1st He's A Diamond - owner Mrs M Waring breeder exhibitor
2nd Primos Gemini Jewel - owner S Denton breeder G Griffiths

class 24 Young Riders no results at present
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