-Judge - Frances Atkinson

Mare With Own Foal at Foot, due to Foal in 2005 or Barren Mare

1. Agonia
by Gordon owned by Mrs M Wallerstein
2. Shania by Pladykt owned by Miss H Wykes
3, Erminia by Gadir owned by Mr and Mrs J Adkins
4. Pristina by Pilot owned by Mr and Mrs T J Linnington
5. Escarla de F by Borneo owned Mr G P Watson

Yearling Colt or Gelding

1. Saladin
by Psyche's Spirit owned by Miss H J Brown
2. Shahdeen by Om el Shaheen owned by Mrs R McCormick

Yearling Filly

by Ventican owned by Helen Hill

2 or 3 Year Old Colt or Gelding

1. Esp Estel-P de Fuego
by El Perfecto owned Mr G P Watson
2. Duchy Vendetta by Vadeer owned by Mrs D Fenton
3. ZA Karis ibn Azal by Zircon Karasmatique owned by Mrs P A Horwell

2 or 3 Year Old Filly

1. Enchantress
by Psyche's Spirit owned by Miss H J Brown
2. Kazrhia by Granlando owned by Helen Hill & Christine Blyth
3. AH Aliyyah by R Ali Bey owned by Mrs V Levanda-Dade
4. Keziya by Kasadi owned by Mrs M Calvert
5. Naxismma by Narismma owned by Miss Celina Singh
6. Mmanic Moment by Khairouan owned by Mrs G Bryan

4 Year Old or Over Stallion or Gelding

1. Zircon Alkasaab by MA Alishaah owned Mrs P A Horwell
2. Naddir by Andrus owned by John Brewster
3. Moonhills A Star is Born by Ali Baba des Alps owned by Ms S O'Rourke
4. Esp Estoro de Fuego by Borneo owned by Mr G P Watson
5. Ibn el Nefous by Rouse Nefous owned by Dr Endre Bodnar
6. Ibn Al Antoon by Antoon owned by Mrs G Bryan

Champion: Enchantress
Reserve: Saladin

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