Wetherby Racecourse. 14th August 2005
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In-hand (Mrs F Grant-Chivers)
Pure-bred In-hand yearling colt
1. Res Champ Jnr pure bred
Heather McBreen’s Ali Saleem
2. Susan Hall’s CAS Bolero

2 year old colt
1. P Birbeck’s DNS Diddi
2. M Soraine’s N L Amir

Yearling filly
1. Ann Longs’s TFA Gert Hilal
2. Sam Moody’s Judals Shakaya

2 year old filly
1. Overall Res & Jnr pure bred Champion
Jayne Johnson’s Premishah Bint Premier

3 year old filly
1. Roz Holland’s RH Rococo
2. Tracey Nilsen’s LTF Tamina C

1,2 or 3 year old gelding
1. Laura Johnson’s HT Okaro
2. Emma Leeson’s Sao Paulo

Senior geldings
1. Res Champ Snr pure bred
Sharon Tyer’s AG El Khalif
2. C Horrox’s Parisfal
3. Karen Fern’s LA Ourassi

Overall in hand
Mr & Mrs Harris's - Pure bred mare
'HT Lamia'

Senior mares
1. Overall Inhand & Snr pure bred Champion
Mr & Mrs Harris’s HT Lamia
2. Karen Davies Nileisha
3. Alison Ainsley Mackenzie’s Flight

Pure bred foal winner
Mrs C Bennett's unnamed filly by Shamil

1. C Bennett’s un-named filly
2. Mr & Mrs Harris’s HAC Izahbeyla

1. Mr & Mrs Johnson’s Rasheik ibn Malik
2. G Rees CAS Ravel
3. Laura Johnson’s HT Figaro

1. J Robinson’s Naayrizi
2. Lesley Sanderson’s Dezert Romance

Anglo/part-bred 1,2,3 under 14.2 hh
1. Res Champ Jnr AA/Prt
C Bennett’s Aklah Twilight Star

Anglo/part-bred 1,2,3 to exc 14.2 hh
1. Champ Jnr AA/Prt
Anne Ainley’s Diamond Brite
2. D Atkinson’s Lunar Eclipse

Senior AA/Part bred Mare/gelding
1. Champ Snr AA/Prt
Cheryl Goulding’s Persian Midnight Jazz

Crabbet Arabian
1. Lesley Sanderson’s Dezert Romance

Best Condition
1. Res Chmp Open in hand
Melissa Potters’s Telynau Delft
2. Karen Fern’s LA Ourasi
3. Lesley Sanderson’s Dezert Romance

Coloured Horse
1. Chmp Open in hand
Josie Swinburn’s Homeside Keepsake

1. Michaela Fraser’s Sameon Sundance
2. D Atkinson’s Lunar Eclipse
3. Nicola Stanier’s Inglebrook Miranda

Young Handler
1. Nicola Stanier Inglebrook Miranda
2. Melissa Potter Telynau Delft
3. Mark Keney Princess Carmara

Ridden (Mrs K Holdroyd)
Pure bred Novice ridden
1. Res Chmp C Horrox’s Parisfal
2. S Owen’s Aisehir Alaarabia
3. K Langridge’s Shadow of Gold

Ridden grey stallion Overall Ridden winner and authentic dress class display
Mr & Mrs Johnson's Pure bred stallion
'Rasheik Ibn Malik'

Open ridden pure bred Arab
1. Champion & Overall Ridden Champ Mr & Mrs Johnson’s Rashiek Ibn Malik
2. Alison Ainsley’s Mackenzie’s Flight
3. J Lee’s Al Johara

Young Rider
1. Sue Travers Bailey’s Tipple
2. Nicola Stanier Inglebrook Miranda
3. Miss Howarth HT Nyah

Coloured Ridden
1. Sue Traver’s Bailey’s Tipple

Palomino Ridden
1. Nicola Stanier’s Inglebrook Miranda

AA & Part bred Ridden 148cms
1. Champ & Res Overall Ridden Champ
Lydia Johnson’s Trellech Countryman
AA & Part bred Ridden over 148cms
1. Res Champ
Cheryl Goulding’s Persian Midnight Jazz
2. Toni Brown’s Shulay Onyx

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