Yearling colts
1st- Celtic Ruali by Ruger:Bred and Owned by Sharon Williams
2nd- Psynerman by Psynegy: Bred by K Whittard and Owned by Andrew Tonge and Colin McKenzie

2 Year Old Colts

1st- HB Bastille(US) by Besson Carol: Bred by C Bruce and Owned by Mr and Mrs Hartley
2nd- Altered images by Psyches Image R: Bred by Ms Smith and Owned by Ms Hughes

3 Year Old Colts
1st- Pharali by Thee Equalizer: Bred by Helen Cawley and Owned by Mrs Gregory

Junior Male Champion: Celtic Ruali
Reserve: HB Bastille(US)

Yearling Fillies

1st- Kubiara(DE) by Kubinec: Bred by Sax and Owned by Mr and Mrs Atkinson
2nd- Taylormaid NG by AJA Ben Nazif: Bred and Owne by Mr N Grogan

2 Year Old Fillies

1st- Enchantress by Psyche's Spirit: Bred and Owned by Heather Brown
2nd- Biba by Thee Outlaw: Bred and Owned by Woodbank Arabians

Junior Female Champion: Enchantress
Reserve: Kubiara

Yearling Geldings

1st- EA Amiah by EA Azniah El Shaklan: Bred by Katie Gore and owned by Gore Family

2&3 Year Old Geldings

1st- HT Navarro by Thee Equaliser: Bred and Owned by R Georgeson

Geldings 4 Years and Over
1st- Zinjadi by Masjadi Gold Shadow: Bred and Owned by Mrs L Breeze
2nd- NPA Hazan by Sheik El Kuran: Bred and Owned by Mr and Mrs Armstrong

Gelding Champion: Zinjadi
Reserve: NPA Hazan

Mare with Foal

1st- EA Amellia by Raji: Bred by Miss K Gore and Owned by Gore Family
2nd- Samaur Bint Benedict by Benedict: Bred and owned by Mrs M Bint


1st and best foal- EA Azbakan by EA Azniah El Shaklan: Bred and Owned by Gore Family
2nd and res best foal- unnamed by Distinct: Bred and owned by Mrs M Bint

Mares 4-6 Years Old

1st- FS Zaafinah by FS Bengali: Bred by F Spoenle and Owned by Alf Hallworth

Mares 7-10 years Old

1st- PA Berkana by Camargue: Bred and Owned by Mr Mrs P Stimpson
2nd- Abissinia by Hejaz: Bred by Major and Mrs Maxwell and Owned by Helen Gough

Senior Female Champion: EA Amellia
Reserve: FS Zaafinah

Stallions 4 - 6 Years Old
1st- Ffoenix by Ffatal Attraction: Bred by D Gamlin and Owned by George Teague
2nd- Al Sahir by Halim El Shaklan: Bred and Owned by Vicki and Brenda Marsh

Stallions 7-10 Years Old
1st- Ibn Charismma by WSA Charismma: Bred by Silverdale arabians and Owned by Linda Hughes
2nd- Magneeto by Maleik El Kheil: Bred by Miss F Murray and Owned by G Woolley

Senior Male Champion: Ffoenix
Reserve: Ibn Chaismma

Arab Mare with foal at foot

1st & Best brood mare and senior female champion EA AMELLIA (Raji / Amellita Bint Lavado) bredy by Miss K Gore owned by Gore Family
2nd Samaur Bint Benedict (Benedict / Nalila Bred and owned by Mrs M Bint


1st and best foal EA AZKABAN (EA Azniah El Shaklan / EA Amellia bred and owned by Gore Family
2nd and res best foal Unamed by distinct out of Samaur Bint Benedict

Mares 4-6 yrs

1st and res senior female FS ZAAFINAH (FS Bengali / Zabia I) bred by f spoenle owned by Alf Hallwaorth

Mares 7-10 yrs

2ND ABISSINIA (Hejaz / Atlantica ) bred by maxwell family owned by Helen Gough Acorn Arabians

Stallions 4 - 6

1st and senior male FFOENIX (FFATAL ATTRACTION / ALYSIA) Bred by D Gamlin owned by George Teague
2nd Al sahir ( Halim El Shaklan / AZ Enigma) bred owned by Vicki and Brenda Marsh
3 RD Acorn (Elderberry Blue / Augusta ) bred by Miss F Theobald owned by Mrs F Stubbs

Stallions 7-10

1st and res senior male IBN CHARISMMA ( WSA CHARISMMA / Kaminah ) bred by Silverdale arabians owned by Linda Hughes
2nd Magneeto by Maleik El Kheil out of Fianza bred by Miss F Murray owned by G Woolley

Open Ridden Arabian Geldings "HOYS" Qualifier

1st Zircon Karismatique by Pheonix Khalibur: Bred by Mrs P Hitchings and Owned/Ridden by Ms F Grant Chivers QUALIFIED
2nd Valetta Madirigal by Hunters Song: Bred and Owned/Ridden by Miss G Rees
3rd Storm Gold by Imad: Bred by Mrs Sheward and Owned/Ridden by Mrs C Bennett
4th Flaxman's Sid Mesdames V Mylius
5th Ocean Eilat Miss C Doxey

Open Ridden Arabian Stallions "HOYS" Qualifier

1st Storm Seeker by Esperanzo: Bred by Miss Walley and Owned/Ridden by Mr & Mrs G Stone - Already Qualified
2nd Shadow Blue by Banner of Blue: Bred and Owned by Mr and Mrs Titterington/ Ridden by Miss L Needham - Already Qualified
3rd Toman by Grand: Bred by Jane Kadri and Owned by Mrs D J Evans, Ridden by Mrs A Hooley- Already Qualified

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