BATH & WEST SHOW 01/06/2005

Results Kindly Supplied By Sue Bundy

Anglo/Partbred colt filly /gelding 1yrs 2yrs 3yrs not to exceed 148 at maturity (9 entries)

1st Rosedale Decision - Rosedale dominion x Pennwood Indiana / owner Karen Andrew
2nd Coveham Admiration - Sandbourne Royal Ensign x Coveham Sensation / owner Mr Mrs Hounsom.
3rd Botliegh Strathspey - Symonsbury Firebird x Rotherwood Giggle / owner Mrs Ellis-Jones.

Anglo/Partbred any height colt/filly gelding. yearlings (8 entries)

1st Sal Volatile - Sisyrinchium x Chance to Dream / owner F. Guiness.
2nd Weirton Royal Signet -Royal Ensign x Weirton Sea Moon / owner. Mrs JS Bundy.
3rd Baybrook Royal Reflection - Deanhills Royal Portrait x Lechdale Cyclamen / owner Miss Horler.

Anglo/Parbred two yrs any height (13 entries)

1st Hidden Peace - Masterpeace x Hidden Treasure / owner Miss Gibson.
2nd Drosera - Dante x Teasle / owner F.Guiness.
3rd Oakhayes Truley Scrumptious - Sandbourne Royal Ensign x Bradmore Pussykin / owner S. Newstead

Anglo/Partbred three yrs any height (11 entries)

1st Rotherwood Rainbow - Strinsdale Materdor x Rotherwood Bo Peep / owner...C. Smalley.
2nd Howtown Mazurka - .Royal Ensign of Trellech x Holtess Holly go Lightly / owner S. Cunningham.
3rd.............Ottergayle x Hillside Dearisah / owner.L.Pritchard.

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