The Arab Horse Society operates a Premium Scheme in furtherance of one of its specific aims of breed improvement and to encourage the use of Arab blood in light horse and sport horse breeding.

Stallions are accepted into the scheme by Performance Testing with the National Stallion Association (NaStA) where they are required to perform a dressage test, complete a round of show jumps and a cross country course as well as being assessed for type, conformation, movement and temperament. Stallions over the age of twelve can qualify as Premium Stallions through the achievements of their progeny.

Mares that achieve Premium status and produce foals by Premium Stallions receive £200 from the Arab Horse Society for a Pure Bred or Anglo Arab foal or £100 for a Part Bred Arab foal, upon registration with the Society. Mares can also qualify for Premium status by successfully completing the NaStA Performance Test but most are accepted on the basis of their show record or performance in open competition. Mares do not need to carry any Arab blood to qualify.

The Premium Scheme Committee is pleased to introduce a new initiative to provide an alternative route for mares to be able to achieve Premium status and take advantage of the benefits of the scheme. Mares will be able to come forward to one of a number of venues around the country to be assessed on their conformation, type and correctness of movement together with the quality of their paces. If successfully graded they will become Premium Mares allowing them to reap the financial awards on offer when their foals by Premium Stallions are registered with the Arab Horse Society.

Gradings will be held at the AHS National Show at Malvern on Thursday 28th & Friday 29th July, at the NaStA Performance Test, Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre on 23rd/24th August as well as at two other venues held in association with Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain at Addington Equestrian Centre, Buckingham on Saturday 25th June and Houghton-le-Springs, County Durham on Thursday 15th September.

We hope that mare owners will take advantage of this excellent opportunity to participate in a scheme whose success speaks for itself. The winner of Badminton in 2004 was TAMARILLO by the deceased Premium Stallion, TARNIK. The Champion Endurance Horse in 2003, FRANZARA was sired by the deceased Premium Stallion, BONANZA. The current Premium Stallions, IMAD and RUSLEEM have both won the coveted title “Ridden Arab of the Year” at the Horse of the Year Show and in 2003 the winner of this award was the mare, JAMMILAH by the Premium Stallion DJAMMAL. Already in 2005 the former Premium Stallion, HACHIM has won the World Endurance Championships, he was the youngest ever horse to pass the NaStA Performance Test at just 4 years of age.

For full details and entry forms for the Premium Scheme Mare Gradings please contact: Marian Eydmann, Stable Cottage, Shepherds Gate, Colemans Hatch, Nr Hartfield, Sussex. TN7 4HL (01342 823027) or visit the website www.ahs-premium.org.uk

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