Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th May- Results


CLASS I 160KM ER (Two day)
1st M Stubbs’ Warrens Hill Chanda,
2nd L Dunn’s Franzara,
3rd Evelyn Helme’s Zorro Nazeero
4th R Hatchett’s Rhuban.


CLASS 2 80KM Graded- GR1 D Barlow’s Ali Ibn Dream, GR2 B Elwell’s Murtada, GR3S Clerk’s Mr Bisto.

CLASS 3 65KM Graded-GR1 L Davenport’s Saqi, C Christopher’s Cobwebb, G Calcutt’s Sahara’s Gem, Margaret McKiddie Bonnie Anne, Linda Chapple’s Red Pepper, S Clarkson’s Gazalla Sunrise, S Box’s Robbie, J Cook’s Quinn, Gilly Payton’s Dannycourt Golden Coin, M Fogg’s Merrie Miss Tidy, D Mossis’s Tony GR2 C Newman’s Semil Lady Victoria Plum, G Morris’s Tara II. GR3 A Gresham’s Sydney, J Dovey’s Moonshine Lucy. COMPLETION R Pratt’s Dave.

SSR PASS P Higgs’ Dainty Dancer, S Bunn’s Tokah Ibn Teelah.

CLASS 4 40KM Graded-GR1 J Peddar’s Lady Christal, J Lane’s Desert Sand Dancer, Maggie Phillips’ Aegean,C Baxter’s Nadezdah, D Williams’ Desmond, S Ross’s Foxhills Mia Kara Grey. GR2 N Malcolm’s Leastreak, S Dudley’s Pharach Samantha, P Kain’s Angus K, G Harris’s Auburn Emblem, Sue Gregg’s Rufford Park, J Ivens’ Fly, C Mayer’s Sandalisu Mighty Mouse, GR3 S Cox’s Trioletto, Beth Langley’s Blaenteifi Elin, C Langley’s Gilfach Xerina, H Owen’s Star of the North, G White’s Shamouna Rose, B Manzi- Fe’s Ibn Taqah, C Shackles Benedic. GR4 J Wilson’s Aveiro, A Harper’s Bisha, L Kidson’s Connie, D Chuter’s H. T. Hazala, COMPLETION A Sargent’s Ell Kaleefa Rose, S Clays Jumping Jack Cash, B Farrant’s Bagdas Kurmus, S Mitchell’s Tessa, A Maddox’s Thia A Farley’s Docorina Zebedee, P Titcomb’s Bright Spark, J Pearson’s Jasmine. SSR PASS B Dean’s Lunar Rain.

CLASS 5 40KM Graded Novice- GR1 C Robinson’s Sophie’s Choice, L Fowler’s Morning Grace, C Sheppard’s Czareno, M Beer’s Piaff, K Dant’s March Amadeus, J Mockford’s Maisy, R Allen’s Florence of Arabia. GR2 E Sparks’ Corot, S Rich’s Ground Kontrol, S Rawnsley’s Rosegay, A Richardson’s Shamilah, A Keene’s Jackets Lovebird, M Lehtimaki’s Sameon Mauraba, M Campbell’s Jade Star Zaabeel. GR3 R Eaton’s Karina, G Talbot’s Ranazak, R Atfield’s Burfield Red Dragon, H Cuming’s Sudan. GR 4 M Jacob’s Fey Fortune, C Rawnsley’s Zakana, B Borthwick’s Sulan African Superstar, A Lambkin’s Nazala, C Robetrt’s Pharoh’s Image. COMPLETION S Baldry’s Sharia, J Webb’s Arudwy Griff. SSR PASS K Pickering’s Ellie,

CLASS 6 32KM PR- J Wilder’s Quick Nick, J Evans’ Charlie III, L Noble’s Brandy, H Weaver’s Fonzo, L Rasburn’s James, D Stewart’s Diamond Roulette, W Vallis’s Esta Shadia, Carol Davies’ Fudge It, B Davies Greystone Taurus, K Curry’s Hillside Royal K Kimber’s Lady Patrina, L Jewel’s Rockford Lady, M Bridges, Toka, C Davies’ Lucy II, C Levitt’s Belmont Gold.


CLASS 7 80KM Graded- GR2 Erica McQuillan’s Moonlight Rhapsody. GR3 B Vardag’s Alis Sahir, P Reid’s Desert Drifter.

CLASS 8 65KM ER Open- 1st H Evan’s Chatanz, 2nd J Kent’s Bitterwell Spirit, 3rd S Payton’s Melisendra, 4th S Parr’s Forge Quest, 5th J Chisholm’s Khanspur, 6th D Yeoman’s Silver Cracker. Completions -J Rawnsley’s Silver Reign, D Curtis’s Ahmir, G Nightingale’s Winter Melody A Blum’s Venec, M Dennis’s Crystal Chip, J Edwards’ Fernhill Dares.

CLASS 9 65 KM ER Tyro- 1st G Talbot’s Malabar Storm, 2nd A Dark’s King of Darkness, 3rd T Atfield’s Burfield Friday Fox, 4th A Foster’s Arch-T-Glen.

CLASS 10 65KM Graded- GR1 C Christopher’s Cobwebb, J Lane’s Desert Sand Dancer, H Barrett’s Coednewydd Meteor, N Tweedie Smith’s Heathcliff, F Hamilton’s Wafi, L Caswell’s Josephina. GR2 L Davenport’s Saqi. GR3 J Holman’s The Silver Gambler, S Neate’s Isard Du Colombier, D Williams’ Kazak Sunburst, R Williams Midnight Star. COMPLETION P Cavill’s Pantyfid Rockie,

CLASS 11 40KM Graded- GR1 C Robinson’s Tokar Ibn Teelah, S Dudley’s Pharach Samantha, M Fagg’s Alis Yateem, K Lomas’ Cadah Ibn Ahmoun, M Coulson’s Powys valley Manolito, A Van Ross’s Katana, E Taylor’s Falaina Bint Chatanz, J Hillary’s Meadow Bank Quiver. GR2 D Barlow’s Ali Ibn Dream, V Herber Griffiths’ Frankincense, J Taylor’s Just Barney, A Evans’ Silver Flame. GR3 G Calcutt’s Sahara’s Gem, C Newman’s Semil Lady Victoria Plum, S Cox’s Trioletto, J Peddar’s Lady Christal, L England’s Ebwgrannell Diplomat, B Floyd- Davis Sopleto, G White’s Shamouna Rose.

GR4 m Fogg’s Merrie Miss Tidy, P Fowler’s Kinlara Carousel, K Morris’s Sheeha, G Hutchings’ Torymynydd River Song, P Higgs’ Mydass, T Robbs’ Mythus, A Sargent’s Ell Kaleefa Rose, M McKiddie’s Alison Rose, S Loveridge’s Bonnie Ann,. COMPLETION Nicola Cramond’s Dannycourt Golden Coin. J cook’s Quinn, B Langley’s Blaenteifi Elin, S Clay’s Jumping Jack Cash, P Kain’s Angus K, K Steadman’s Tu Habei,

SSR PASS H Challis’ Crystal Shiraz, G Mann’s WFA Zaleem,

CLASS 12 40KM Graded Novice- GR1 S Tilley’s G Karajan, J Gwatkin’s Henna McKee, N Tanter’s Ruba, S Binder’s Nudgee, N Hall’s Tarrock, C Thompson’s High Spot Holly,N Pickering’s Sam.GR2 J Severn’s Sealmasters, M Swords’ Farokh, B Fuller’s Hi-Jack, C Glendennin’s Winsor Willow, L Smith’s Daisy II, J Horton’s Shamnar Nabiel,G Curtis’s Davey,C Hooker’s Clutha. COMPLETION A Laing’s Windy Miller, J Master’s Applejack,

CLASS 13 32KM PR- R Pratt’s Dave, L Noble’s Brandy, H Weaver’s Fonzo, A Smith’s Tyan Tallulah, J Hearn’s Priory Treacle Toffee, T Ellis’s howen Passing Cloud, m Norris’s Lily Bay, G Griffith’s Longriver classic, J Ranger’s Chesney, C Towler’s Khatir, H Cuming’s Sudan, Mike Rowe’s King.

Best Graded Ride Awards

Novice – Saturday – R Allen’s Florence of Arabia.

Novice- Sunday- J Severn’s Sealmasters.

Two day-130km- C Christopher’s Cobwebb

Two day- 120km- D Barlow’s Ali Ibn Dream

Two day – 105km- J Lane’s Desert Sand Dancer

Two day- 80km- S Dudley’s Pharach Samantha.

The Southern Championships- Berkshire Downs Two Day Ride

Despite the Ridgeway’s notorious ruts, a dry spring and just a sprinkling of April Showers, meant the going on the Berkshire Downs 2 day ride was good. With fine weather all weekend and a cooling breeze conditions could be described as close enough to perfect. But it was not all plain sailing; the going proved too much of a temptation for some and over the course of the weekend a number of competitors fell victim to the temptation of speed. In the 160km 2 Day ER just 4 out of 17 starters successfully completed the course; Mary Stubbs’ Warren’s Hill Chandra won decisively with an overall speed of 14.86kph whilst second placed Lesley Dunn and Franzara (also a Warrens Hill horse) came in at 13.28 kph. Third place went to Evelyn Helme riding Zorro Nazeero and Rachel Hatchett’s Rhuban came in fourth.

On Sundays 65km open ER, elimination of the earliest finishers put Heather Evans and Chatanz in 1st place (completing a hat-trick for Lesley Dunn’s Stud) she was followed by Jill Kent and Bitterwell Spirit whilst third pace went to Sally Payton and Melisendra. The winner of the novice ER was Gillian Talbot on Malabar Storm.

A strong showing by the Offa’s Dyke Group in the ER classes was counterbalanced by the South East Groups dominance of the 2 Day Graded Award list; the 130km trophy went to Claudia Christopher and Cobwebb while Diane Barlow’s Ali Ibn Dream took the 120km, Desert Sand Dancer and Judy Lane won the best 105km graded trophy, the 80km trophy went to Sallie Dudley’s Pharach Samantha.

The organisers would like to thank the sponsors for their generous and continued support of this event; Keith Bryant Saddlery, NFU, SP Equine Health and Herbal, Performance Equestrian and the Worshipful Company of Farriers, who presented awards to the best shod horses in the ER classes.

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